Ruk Paed Pun Kao (Thailand)


Ruk Paed Pun Kao (Thailand), also known as Varieties of Love, LOVE 8009 , is Thailand drama premiere on Channel 9


Drama: Ruk Paed Pun Kao (Thailand)
Romaji: Varieties of Love, LOVE 8009 ,
Thai: รักแปดพันเก้า
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 90
Release Date: Wednesday
Network: Channel 9
Genres: Sitcom

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Living in 8009 Bangkok apartment come few young people with a wonderful story. They are living in the big city of a young and new generation of people, each with a variety of differences in their living habits. They had nothing to do with each other.
But because of love, they came together. Each has shown their own different ways, homosexuality, triangular love, crush, mistresses, etc., Because this all led to a series of conflict story, feeling very busy but full of fun!