Rae Rai Look Sao Pa 2008 (Thailand)


Rae Rai Look Sao Pa 2008 (Thailand), also known as Rae Rai, Daughter Of the Forest is Thailand drama premiere on Apr 4, 2008 on Channel 7


Drama: Rae Rai Look Sao Pa 2008 (Thailand)
Romaji: Rae Rai, Daughter Of the Forest
Thai: เรไรลูกสาวป่า
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 15
Release Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network: Channel 7
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The lakorn centers around Raerai, a young woman from the village of Poo Mok, a mountainous/forest village isolated from the modern world. Poo Mok is not only Raerai’s home, it is also a preserved Natural Park. Raerai enjoys a simple and carefree life in her village. However, her life and her neighbors’ life become complicated when land developers see value in her village and the surrounding areas for logging. Raerai, along with her friends Prai Wan and Retring, work together to protect their village from the incoming land developers and the poachers that illegally threaten their wildlife.
Tawan is a visitor to Poo Mok. He is accidentally thrown into the war between Raerai and the illegal loggers. He happened to be in the surrounding areas of the illegal logger camp. He somehow wandered into the camp and witnessed something shocking— a Park authority being paid off by the loggers. Tawan gets caught eavesdropping and is shot at. Tawan doesn’t get hit because Raerai, who happened to be there too, shielded him from the shot. She was there too spying on the loggers.
Tawan and Raerai run for safety into the forest. Raerai goes under shock because of the intensive blood lost and loses consciousness. Tawan is scared to death that someone will die because of him, he vows his life to her and begs her to stay alive. Raerai regain consciousness and Prai Wan finds them.
Tawan and Raerai become marked for death because they know too much. Tawan stays with Raerai and her clan.
To dismay of Prai Wan, Tawan begins to fall for Raerai. Prai Wan has been harboring feelings for Raerai since childhood.
The story continues with Raerai and her neighbors trying to protect their village from developers.
(Source: AsianFuse Wiki)