Beat Takeshi

Beat Takeshi

Beat Takeshi (北野武) was born on January 18, 1947 in Japan. Beat Takeshi movies and tv shows: Hagoku, Doctor-X: Gekai Daimon Michiko, Aka Medaka, Kuroi Fukuin...
Beat Takeshi is a member of Japan


First Name: Takeshi
Family Name: Kitano
Native Name: 北野武
Also Known As: Bito Takeshi;Biito Takeshi;ビートたけし
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: January 18, 1947
Age: 71
Takeshi Kitano is a Japanese comedian, television personality, director, actor, author, and screenwriter. While he is known primarily as a comedian and TV host in his native Japan, abroad he is known almost entirely for his filmwork. With the exception of his works as a film director, he is known almost exclusively by the stage name Beat Takeshi (ビートたけし Bīto Takeshi).

Kitano rose to prominence in the 1970s as one half of the comedy duo Two Beat, before going solo and becoming one of the three biggest comedians in the country. After several small acting roles, he made his directorial debut with 1989's Violent Cop and garnered international acclaim for Sonatine (1993). But he was not accepted as a director in Japan until Hana-bi won the Golden Lion in 1997. In December 2016, it was announced that Kitano's first crime trilogy for the Outrage series would be completed in 2017 with Outrage: Final Chapter in post-production as of April 2017.

He has received critical acclaim for his idiosyncratic cinematic work, winning numerous awards with Japanese film critic Nagaharu Yodogawa having once dubbed him "the true successor" to influential filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Many of Kitano's films are dramas about yakuza gangsters or the police. Described by critics as using an acting style that is highly deadpan or a camera style that approaches near-stasis, Kitano often uses long takes where little appears to be happening, or editing that cuts immediately to the aftermath of an event. Many of his films express a bleak or nihilistic philosophy, but they are also filled with humor and affection for their characters.