Raymond Cho

Raymond Cho

Raymond Cho (曹永廉) was born on October 16, 1965 in Hong Kong. Raymond Cho movies and tv shows: A General, a Scholar and an Eunuch, My Dearly Sinful Mind, Provocateur, Law dis-Order, Presumed Accidents...
Raymond Cho is a member of Hong Kong


First Name: Wing Lim
Family Name: Cho
Native Name: 曹永廉
Also Known As: Cho Wing Lim, Raymond Tso Wing Lim, Raymond Tso, William Cho Wing Lim
Nationality: Hong Konger
Gender: Male
Born: October 16, 1964
Age: 58
Raymond Cho is a Hong Kong television star. He currently works for the television company, TVB.

Raymond used to be a singer, winning a singing competition when he was 29 years old. After an unsuccessful attempt at being a singer, he gave acting a try. After filming some movies, he joined TVB. Notable dramas he has starred in are: Healing Hands II (2000), Healing Hands III (2005), Welcome to the House (2006), and At Home With Love (2006).

Cho married Elaine Chiang, the eldest daughter of Hong Kong actor David Chiang, on 28 November 2007. Their son Brandon Cho was born in 2008. Their second child, daughter Erin Cho, was born in 2011.

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