Bhirombhakdi Woranut

Bhirombhakdi Woranut

Bhirombhakdi Woranut (วรนุช ภิรมย์ภักดี) was born on September 24, 1980 in Thailand. Bhirombhakdi Woranut movies and tv shows: Ban Saran Land: Seuk Rak Kam Rua, Sri Ayodhaya, Ra Rerng Fai, Club Friday Celeb's Stories: Usurp, Pitsawat...
Bhirombhakdi Woranut is a member of Thailand


First Name: Woranuch
Family Name: Wongsawan
Native Name: วรนุช ภิรมย์ภักดี
Also Known As: Wonnut Phiromphakdi; Wonnut Wongsuanra; Nun; Nune; Noon; Woranut Bhirompakdee; Woranut Wongsawan; Bhirompakdee Woranuch; วรนุช วงษ์สวรรค์; นุ่น;
Nationality: Thai
Gender: Female
Born: September 24, 1980
Age: 38
She is an established and popular actress in Thailand. She started acting in 1997 and today has appeared in close to 40 dramas and 2 movies. She is hailed as the most beautiful actress in Thailand.

In May 2010, she married her longtime beau 'Todd' Piti Bhirombkhadi, son of Singha beer company, the largest beer manufacturer in Thailand. The traditional wedding ceremony and the registration of her marriage was held on May 14, 2010 but the reception was held on May 19, 2010.

Noon has received many awards for her roles in her different lakorns, including the "Top Awards 2004, Best Leading Actress award" for the lakorn Mae Ai Sa-uen, beating Pachrapa Chaichua. Noon also co-hosts the show Thi Ni Mo Chit.

She is married to Todd Pithi Bhirompakdee.