Choi Woo Hyeok

Choi Woo Hyeok

Choi Woo Hyeok (최우혁) was born on October 28, 1985 in South Korea. Choi Woo Hyeok movies and tv shows: Yeonnamdong 539...
Choi Woo Hyeok is a member of South Korea


First Name: Woo Hyeok
Family Name: Choi
Native Name: 최우혁
Also Known As: Choi Woo Hyuk
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: October 28, 1985
Age: 33
Choi Woo Hyeok is a South Korean actor under Star Park Entertainment and was popularly known as the young Yoon Jun Seo in hit Korean drama Autumn Tale. He debuted as an actor on 1993.

He started acting since he was 8 years old, with a lot of "Hallyu" stars. His first ever movie is 'I want to go to the island'. Choi Woo Hyuk appeared in a lot of drama, But he made his big breakthrough in the widely popular drama 'Autumn Tale'. Woo Hyuk was only 15 years old when he played the younger role of Yoon Jun Seo.

After that successful Korean drama, Choi Woo Hyeok last appeared in a drama called 'Glass Slippers'(2002). And badly made his last ever appearance in the Korean Entertainment Industry in a movie called 'No Manners'(2002). Many people said that, he stopped acting because 'he wanted to continue his studies'. And that was true, but even though he's not appearing in a drama or movie, Choi still have a lot of loyal fans. Which they called themselves as "Woo Hyuk Lovers".

On September 2008, his agency revealed some of his latest pictures, which became one of the hottest topic on Kpop websites. When the kpop lovers first saw the attractive pics they really didn't know who he is, but when they notice that his the young Jun Seo in Autumn Tale, they said "Wow! he changed a lot, he became hot!".

Choi played the role of young Seong Jong in a historical drama 'Empress Chun Chu'(2009). Choi made his first ever kissing scene in that drama with Kim Min Ji.

One of his fans made a fanvideo on Youtube with his co-star on Autumn in my heart, Moon Geun Young. The fan video became a new idea for the other kpop fanatics to have a new adorable "love team" on Korean entertainment. On August 5, 2009 the fan video became the #3 - Most Responded (Today) - South Korea, so a lot of his and Moon Geun Young fans are still waiting if they are really going to have a new drama together again.

He is currently studying film and theater at Chung-Ang University.