Uzaki Ryudo

Uzaki Ryudo

Uzaki Ryudo (宇崎竜童) was born on February 23, 1946 in Japan. Uzaki Ryudo movies and tv shows: Shitsuji Saionji no Meisuiri, Love Song, TENSHI TO AKUMA - Mikaiketsu Jiken Tokumei Koshouka...
Uzaki Ryudo is a member of Japan


First Name: Ryudo
Family Name: Uzaki
Native Name: 宇崎竜童
Also Known As: うざき りゅうどう
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: February 23, 1946
Age: 72
Uzaki Ryudo, born February 23, 1946 in Kyoto, Japan, is a Japanese rock singer, composer, actor, and director.

Uzaki began his popular music career in 1973, when he set up the rock & roll band, the Downtown Boogie-Woogie Band (which had their first album of the same name), one of Japan's most popular rock bands at the time. Uzaki later moved on to a popular solo career, and then did movie & TV soundtracks, including Jackie Chan's Shi di chu ma (1980), and anime films such as La spada dei Kamui (1985). Uzaki also did the theme songs (and most other songs) in Toei superhero shows such as "Kamen Raidaa Burakku" (1987), and "Jûkô Bî-Faitâ" (1995). He also wrote the score for the 1992 video effort, Shin Kamen Raidaa (1992)_. He is also an actor, making his debut in Sonezaki shinju (1978)(also one of the first movies for which he composed). Aside from roles in movies such as Boku no ojisan (2000), one of his most notable roles is that of General Tachibana, the hero of Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidora: Daikaijû soukougeki (2001).