Suzuki Kyoka

Suzuki Kyoka

Suzuki Kyoka (鈴木 京香) was born on May 31, 1968 in Japan. Suzuki Kyoka movies and tv shows: Mikaiketsu no Onna, Warotenka, Kohaku, Toga no Hito, Ningen no Shomei...
Suzuki Kyoka is a member of Japan


First Name: Kyoka
Family Name: Suzuki
Native Name: 鈴木 京香
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: May 31, 1968
Age: 50
Suzuki appeared in Shinji Aoyama's Mike Yokohama: A Forest with No Name and Yōichi Sai's Blood and Bones.

She won the Best Actress award at the 1998 Yokohama Film Festival for her role in Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald, at the 42nd Blue Ribbon Awards for Keiho and at the 2011 Tokyo Drama Awards for Second Virgin.

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