Takeuchi Yuko

Takeuchi Yuko

Takeuchi Yuko (竹内結子) was born on April 1, 1980 in Japan. Takeuchi Yuko movies and tv shows: Miss Sherlock, Innocent Days, A Life, Kamoshirenai Joyutachi 2016, Sanadamaru...
Takeuchi Yuko is a member of Japan


First Name: Yuko
Family Name: Takeuchi
Native Name: 竹内結子
Also Known As: Takeuchi Yuuko;たけうち ゆうこ
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: April 1, 1980
Age: 38
Yūko Takeuchi (竹内 結子, Takeuchi Yūko?, born April 1, 1980 in Saitama, Saitama, Japan) is a Japanese actress. She made her big break with NHK's television series Asuka and JT Green's commercial. She has gone on to star in many TV shows, movies, and commercials.

On May 10, 2005, Takeuchi married Shidō Nakamura, a Kabuki actor. They met during the filming of the movie Be with You. They divorced on February 29, 2008.

She is popular for her cute looks and cheerful image.[1] She is said to be like Meg Ryan by a Japanese magazine, and Audrey Hepburn by director Kichitaro Negishi.

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