Ito Ran

Ito Ran

Ito Ran (伊藤蘭) was born on January 13, 1955 in Japan. Ito Ran movies and tv shows: In This Corner of the World, Miss Sherlock, Doctors Saikyo no Meii Shinshun Supesharu, 4-go Keibi, Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan...
Ito Ran is a member of Japan


First Name: Ran
Family Name: Ito
Native Name: 伊藤蘭
Also Known As: いとう らん, Mizutani Ran
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: January 13, 1955
Age: 67
Ito Ran is a Japanese actress and previous member of the 1970s legendary idol group Candies. As the leading member of Candies, Ito Ran was in charge of the solo of most hit songs. Her real name is Mizutani Ran.

Ito Ran was born in Kichijoji, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan. She is married to Mizutani Yutaka, a famous actor in Japan. She won the award for the best supporting actress at the 2nd Yokohama Film Festival for Disciples of Hippocrates.

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