Shibasaki Kou

Shibasaki Kou

Shibasaki Kou (柴咲コウ) was born on August 5, 1981 in Japan. Shibasaki Kou movies and tv shows: dele, Onna Joushu Naotora, Koori no Wadachi, Marumaru Tsuma, Nobunaga Concerto...
Shibasaki Kou is a member of Japan


First Name: Yukie
Family Name: Yamamura
Native Name: 柴咲コウ
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: August 5, 1981
Age: 37
Kou Shibasaki started her career at 14 when her talent was discovered by a star agent. She is one of the coutry's top-tier actresses having starred in many TV shows, films and commercials. She became famous for her excellent performance in the controversial Battle Royale(2000) film which has brought her fame not only in Japan but all over East Asia.

She also sang some theme songs as:

lover soul, theme song for Otomen (Fuji TV, 2009)

KISS Shite (under the alias KOH+), theme song for Galileo (Fuji TV, 2007)

Hito Koi Meguri, theme song for Sunadokei (TBS, 2007)

Invitation, theme song for Taiyo no Uta (TBS, 2006)

Kage, theme song for Byakuyako (TBS, 2006)

Katachi Aru Mono, theme song for Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (TBS, 2004)

Omoide Dake de wa Tsurasugiru, for Dr. Koto Shinryojo (TBS, 2003)

Nemurenai Yoru wa Nemuranai Yume wo, theme song for Egao no Hosoku (TBS, 2003)