Ohgo Suzuka

Ohgo Suzuka

Ohgo Suzuka (大後寿々花) was born on August 5, 1993 in Japan. Ohgo Suzuka movies and tv shows: Utsunuke, Tokyo Alien Bros, Akahige, Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu, Yo ni mo Kimyouna Monogatari: 2017 Fall Special...
Ohgo Suzuka is a member of Japan


First Name: Suzuka
Family Name: Ohgo
Native Name: 大後寿々花
Also Known As: おおご すずか
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: August 5, 1993
Age: 25
Suzuka Ohgo (大後 寿々花, Ōgo Suzuka, born August 5, 1993, in Zama, Kanagawa) is an award-winning Japanese child actress. Besides acting, she is also attending school and has a variety of hobbies including classical ballet, Japanese tea ceremony, ikebana, rollerblading, snowboarding, playing the piano, and skiing. She is represented by CATAMARAN.

Ohgo began acting in 2000 when she joined Sunflower (Himawari), a theatrical company. She debuted with the company at the Meiji-za in Story of a National Thief.

In early 2005, Ohgo debuted in her first major film, Kita No Zeronen (北の零年?, a.k.a. Year One in the North), directed by Isao Yukisada, with the well known actor Ken Watanabe, where she played the role of Tae Komatsubara. In December 2005, she debuted in Hollywood with Memoirs of a Geisha, directed by Rob Marshall, where she played the child version of the main protagonist Nitta Sayuri (the adult version is played by Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi). As a child, however, she is called Sakamoto Chiyo instead of Sayuri. During the same year, she also won the Japan Film Critics Award for Best Newcomer.

In 2006, Ohgo also starred in Baruto no Gakuen (バルトの楽園?, a.k.a. Symphony of Joy), which was released in June 2006 and is set during World War I, where she plays a girl of mixed German-Japanese heritage trying to find her German father who may be held there.

In 2008, she began lending her voice to anime in Michiko to Hatchin as Hana (AKA: "Hatchin").