Koyanagi Shin

Koyanagi Shin

Koyanagi Shin (小柳心) was born on March 14, 1987


First Name: Shin
Family Name: Koyanagi
Native Name: 小柳心
Also Known As: こやなぎ しん, コヤナギ シン, ふみともしん
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: March 14, 1987
Age: 35
Koyanagi Shin is an actor and writer from Tokyo, and is managed by to Stardust.
His pen name is Fumitomoshin (ふみともしん).

His father is a member of the music duo Bubblegum Brothers (バブルガム・ブラザーズ), and goes by the stage name Bro.TOM. His younger brother, Koyanagi Yu (小柳友), is also an actor under the same company.

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