Matsuda Ryuhei

Matsuda Ryuhei

Matsuda Ryuhei (松田龍平) was born on May 9, 1983 in Japan. Matsuda Ryuhei movies and tv shows: Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi, Smoking, Kurara Hokusai no Musume, Quartet, Eigyo Bucho Kira Natsuko...
Matsuda Ryuhei is a member of Japan


First Name: Ryuhei
Family Name: Matsuda
Native Name: 松田龍平
Also Known As: Matsuda Ryuuhei; まつだ りゅうへい
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: May 9, 1983
Age: 35
Ryuhei Matsuda (松田 龍平, Matsuda Ryūhei) is a Japanese film and television actor. He is best known for his roles in Japanese films such as Taboo and Nana.
Matsuda was born on 9 May 1983 in Tokyo to Yusaku Matsuda, a Japanese actor, and Miyuki Matsuda (née Kumagai), a Japanese actress. He has two siblings, one of whom is Japanese actor Shota Matsuda. Yusaku Matsuda was half-Korean, thus Shota and Ryuhei are a quarter Korean His father died from bladder cancer in 1989, when Ryuhei was six years old. He attended Horikoshi High School, a Japanese high school that caters to celebrity students, but did not graduate.

At the age of 15, Matsuda was offered the role of the desirable young samurai Kanō Sōzaburō in Nagisa Ōshima's 1999 film Gohatto. The role helped boost him from an entirely unknown actor to a film star.
Since appearing in Gohatto, Matsuda has played a wide range of roles, from the high school student Kujo in the 2001 film Blue Spring to the rock star Ren Honjo in the 2005 film Nana.

On 11 January 2009, Matsuda married Lina Ohta (太田 莉菜, Ōta Rina?), a Russian-Japanese model. Their first child, a baby girl, was born on 4 July 2009.