Arai Haruhiko

Arai Haruhiko

Arai Haruhiko (荒井晴彦) was born on January 26, 1947. Arai Haruhiko movies and tv shows: Dear Etranger 2017 (Japan), This Country's Sky 2015 (Japan), Kabukicho Love Hotel 2015 (Japan), Undulant Fever 2014 (Japan), The Backwater 2013 (Japan)...


Native Name: 荒井晴彦
Also Known As: あらい はるひこ
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: January 26, 1947
Age: 72
Haruhiko Arai is a Japanese screenwriter. He is also a publisher and an editor of the Eiga Geijutsu magazine. He is also a professor of Japan Institute of the Moving Image.

Arai won the Mainichi Film Award for best screenplay for the film W's Tragedy in 1984. He wrote the screenplay for Junji Sakamoto's KT (2001), and also penned the screenplays for Ryuichi Hiroki's films Vibrator (2003) and It's Only Talk (2005). In 2013, he wrote the scripts for Junichi Inoue's A Woman and War and Shinji Aoyama's The Backwater.

His published but unfilmed scenario, Divine Comedy (神聖喜劇 Shinsei kigeki) has been called lesescenario by figures such as the director Shinichiro Sawai.