Yashima  Norito

Yashima Norito

Yashima Norito (八嶋智人) was born on September 27, 1970 in Japan. Yashima Norito movies and tv shows: Harassment Game, Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi, Yuukai Houtei: Seven Days, A de wa Nai Kimi to, Iron Grandma 2...
Yashima Norito is a member of Japan


First Name: Norito
Family Name: Yashima
Native Name: 八嶋智人
Also Known As: やしま のりと
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: September 27, 1970
Age: 52
Norito Yashima is a Japanese stage actor who has been featured in movies, television shows, and specials. He eventually landed his first hosting job on the Fuji TV series Hey! Spring of Trivia, a show he co-hosted with fellow actor Katsumi Takahashi.