Yajima Maimi

Yajima Maimi

Yajima Maimi (矢島舞美) was born on February 7, 1992 in Japan. Yajima Maimi movies and tv shows: Way Too Kawaii, Good Morning Call - Our Campus Days, Good Morning Call, Naze Todoin Seiya 16sai wa kanojo dekinainoka?, Urero Mitaiken Shoujo...
Yajima Maimi is a member of Japan


First Name: Maimi
Family Name: Yajima
Native Name: 矢島舞美
Also Known As: やじま まいみ;まいみぃー;Yassui;Mii-tan
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: February 7, 1992
Age: 26
Yajima Maimi, born February 7, 1992 in Saitama, Japan,is a member and the leader of °C-ute, a J-pop group within Hello! Project.

Yajima Maimi first joined Hello! Project in 2002 as one of the 15 children chosen from the Hello! Project Kids auditions after performing "Momoiro Kataomoi" by Matsuura Aya. She made her debut the same year in the movie "Koinu dan no Monogatari", taking on one of the main roles as an antagonist. The following year she became a member of the one-shot unit ZYX, where they released two singles before it became inactive.

In 2004 Berryz Kobo was formed, with the intention of rotating the girls throughout the unit. Yajima did not make the original pick, and the idea was eventually dropped. The remaining girls eventually ended up forming C-ute in 2005. Despite not being the oldest, Yajima still became the group's leader, after Umeda Erika turned down the role. The group did not make its official debut until late in 2006, with their first official single released in February 2007.
Aside from leading C-ute, Yajima is also the sub-captain of Little Gatas, the Hello! Project Kids futsal team. She is also considered to be one of the fastest runners in all of Hello! Project, often coming first in the running events at the annual sports festivals and listing running as one of her hobbies.
Yajima also currently co-hosts C-ute's weekly radio program, Cutie Party. She took over the role when Murakami Megumi left the group.
In 2008, Yajima was selected to be a member of Hello Project's new unit High-King.

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