Pakarang See Dum 1996 (Thailand)


Pakarang See Dum 1996 (Thailand), also known as Black Coral is Thailand drama premiere on May 22, 1996 on Channel 7


Drama: Pakarang See Dum 1996 (Thailand)
Romaji: Black Coral
Thai: ปะการังสีดำ
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 16
Release Date: Wednesday, Thursday
Network: Channel 7
Genres: Drama, Horror

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Narathorn is a marine biologist who is researching artificial reefs. He found a perfect coral reef, but it's dangerous because it has a vortex that can not be explored. While the work of Narathorn is ongoing, someone smuggled the coral. No one knows that it caused the soul of Sarai, a girl murdered a few years ago whose soul settles in the coral, to be released.
(Source: Translated from the Thai Wikipedia page)