Owaraseru Mono 2022 (Japan)


Owaraseru Mono 2022 (Japan), also known as The Ender is Japan drama premiere on Sep 22, 2022


Drama: Owaraseru Mono 2022 (Japan)
Romaji: The Ender
Japanese: 終わらせる者
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Release Date: Thursday
Genres: Mystery, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A vertical drama about a trio of police officers who are investigating a series of murders… The first production under the Jogekankei (World) content label begins with a bizarre serial murder case in which a strange body is found synthesized with mannequins. Through their investigation of a family involved in the case, the three detectives uncover the mystery of the inexplicable incident and the startling truth. (Source: drama-otaku.com) Edit Translation

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