Nanji no Na 2022 (Japan)


Nanji no Na 2022 (Japan), also known as Your Name is Japan drama premiere on Apr 6, 2022


Drama: Nanji no Na 2022 (Japan)
Romaji: Your Name
Japanese: 汝の名
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Release Date: Wednesday
Duration: 30 min.
Genres: Thriller, Horror

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Aso Toko is a young president, who has both good looks and talent. On the other hand, her younger sister, Aso Hisae, has the opposite personality to her. She withdrew to her pottery's house in order to heal her broken heart. Toko treats her as a convenient existence, but Hisae is pleased to help her and shares a strange coexistence with her. However, when a strange man meets Toko, the hidden past of the two becomes clear, and the sisters' positions are reversed ... (Source: Japanese = || Translation = MyDramaList) Edit Translation

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