My Wife is 18 2002 (Hong Kong)


My Wife is 18 2002 (Hong Kong), also known as Ngo liu poh lut gau ching is Hong Kong drama premiere on Sep 25, 2002


Drama: My Wife is 18 2002 (Hong Kong)
Romaji: Ngo liu poh lut gau ching
Hong Konger: 我老婆唔够秤
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Sep 25, 2002
Duration: 1 hr. 44 min.
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

In order to appease their mothers, 30-year-old Cheung is getting married to 18-year-old Yoyo in London. Yoyo returns to Hong Kong to study and Cheung continues his work in London. The marriage is kept a complete secret. But things become complicated when Cheung returns to Hong Kong looking for work, and winds up teaching at Yoyo's School. Although Yoyo is enraged, she keeps their secret. As the one-year mark of their marriage approaches, will the love in their hearts overrule their urge for divorce?