My Life's Golden Age 2008 (South Korea)


My Life's Golden Age 2008 (South Korea), also known as The Prime Of My Life, The Golden Period of My Life, Golden Years of My Life, All About My Family is South Korea drama premiere on Aug 30, 2008 on MBC


Drama: My Life's Golden Age 2008 (South Korea)
Romaji: The Prime Of My Life, The Golden Period of My Life, Golden Years of My Life, All About My Family
South Korean: 내 인생의 황금기
Director: Kim Dae Jin
Writer: Lee Jung Sun
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 56
Release Date: Saturday, Sunday
Network: MBC
Duration: 50 min.
Genres: Drama, Melodrama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

It's all about keeping the family together and staying sane in the face of life in this weekend drama which ran for 56 episodes. Starring Moon So Ri (The Legend), Lee So Yeon (Temptation of an Angel) and Jin Yi Han (Who Are You?), My Life's Golden Age follows the relationships between three siblings and their parents through romance, sibling rivalry, illness, marriage, careers and dreams both lost and attained. It showcases both familial and romantic relationships with wit and sparks.

When two previously divorced people get married and raise their children together, they name their children after the golden period of life, hwang-geum-ki, hoping that their children will reach this period in life sooner than they did. They have no idea what their children will have to go through before reaching hwang-geum-ki, however. Lee Hwang (played by Moon So Ri), the eldest daughter, has been married for five years with a daughter and a succesful career, but underneath she is anything but happy. When she runs into an old flame, she embarks on a reckless path.

Lee Geum, the second duaghter, has chronic myelogenous leukemia, a serious condition which constantly takes a toll on her life and happiness. Bright and cheerful, however, she pours her energy into her job as a track team coach, while secretly trying to repay her birth father's hospital bills.

Lee Ki (Jin Yi Han), the youngest son, succesfully graduated from med school and became an intern at a hospital, but his real dream is to become a musical actor. When he quits the hospital in order to take dance lessons, he must hide it from the rest of his family while dealing with his sisters' issues.

Enter Ko Kyung-Woo (Shin Seong-rok), a TV producer at a major network whose success has made him arrogantly indifferent to the troubles of others. When he and Lee Geum meet, sparks fly but can he learn to care about her, especially with her disease? Lee Ki, meanwhile, has another problem - he just might be falling in love with his sister-in-law...