Mu Yue Xing Chen (China)


Mu Yue Xing Chen (China) is China drama


Drama: Mu Yue Xing Chen (China)
Chinese: 慕月星辰
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Release Date: 2022 - ?

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It tells the story of Jing Chaojing and the years when Qianjizong gradually became the first school of the rivers and lakes. As their power continues to grow, it has caused the Tianxuansi organization to investigate and the Qianjizong expressed its intention to submit. Mu Yue, the first female assassin of the Qianji Sect, was killed in an ambush while she fell off a cliff while performing a mission, so her twin sister Mu Xing returned to the Qianji Sect under the guise of Mu Yue, hoping to find out the true murderer and avenge her sister. When Mu Xing was ordered to search for the "Tian Ji Jue" that could command the world in the Xiao family, he was also secretly investigating the truth about the murder of his sister. Unexpectedly, the seemingly calm Xiao family is full of monsters, and even Xiao Huachen, the eldest young master of the Xiao family, who looks like a dude, has a secret. Mu Xing and Xiao Huachen went from temptation and suspicion to knowing and cooperating with each other and admiring each other. After experiencing a series of tribulations of love, affection, and friendship, Mu Xing and Xiao Huachen joined hands with their friends to quell the upcoming internal and external wars. Give the world a peaceful and prosperous age. Edit Translation

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