Mountain Cry 2016 (China)


Mountain Cry 2016 (China) is China drama premiere on Aug 26, 2016


Drama: Mountain Cry 2016 (China)
Chinese: 喊山
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Aug 26, 2016
Duration: 1 hr. 51 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama, Crime

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Set in a remote village, the story begins with the sudden death of a husband and father whose family is new to the village's tight-knit traditional community. In the aftermath of that tragic event, the villagers come to know and understand the man's widow, a mysterious mute with a story to tell and the power to tell it wordlessly. ~~ Based on the novel of the same title by Ge Shuiping.



Abuse Muteness