Montra Haeng Ruk 2008 (Thailand)


Montra Haeng Ruk 2008 (Thailand) is Thailand drama premiere on Dec 20, 2008 on Channel 7


Drama: Montra Haeng Ruk 2008 (Thailand)
Thai: มนตราแห่งรัก
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 13
Release Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network: Channel 7
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Chakrit is a guy that has everything: money, business, the rich life. Maanmai on the other hand is the opposite. Chakrit meets Maanmai while she is selling flowers and it is love at first sight. Vic is Chakrit's best friend works in the same hospital as Baimon, Maanmai's stepsister and they start pretending that they are a couple...