MONGA Yao Hui 2011 (Taiwan)


MONGA Yao Hui 2011 (Taiwan), also known as Moonlight Flowers Monga, Meng Jia Yao Hui, 艋舺燿辉 , is Taiwan drama premiere on Apr 12, 2011 on CTS


Drama: MONGA Yao Hui 2011 (Taiwan)
Romaji: Moonlight Flowers Monga, Meng Jia Yao Hui, 艋舺燿辉 ,
Taiwanese: 艋舺燿輝
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 60
Release Date: Apr 12, 2011 - ?
Network: CTS
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

When Chen, Lu, Xu, and Yu were young, the four toughest kids in the neighborhood became sworn brothers and sister. Their parents, fearing that they would join a gang, intervened, and the kids went their separate ways. Years later, Xu's engagement to the daughter of a local gangster brought them back together. The joy of their reunion was soon overshadowed by the threat of gangster reprisal when Chen rescued a singer, Lin, from being kidnapped by the son of a gangster boss.
Remake of CTS drama Hua Yue Zheng Chun Feng 花月正春風 (1985).