Mon Rak Asun (Thailand) 2016


Mon Rak Asun (Mon Rak Asoon, Mon Ruk A Soon, Mont Ruk Asoon) is Thailand drama premiere on Mar 4, 2016 on Channel 8. Cast members: Toekongsap Rattapoom, Klampan Chalida...


Drama: Mon Rak Asun (Thailand) 2016
Romaji: Mon Rak Asoon, Mon Ruk A Soon, Mont Ruk Asoon
Thai: มนต์รักอสูร
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 27
Release Date: Mar 4, 2016 - May 26, 2016
Runtime: Thursday, Friday
Network: Channel 8
Duration: 60 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Nampeung, a teacher on a district school, faces lots of problems when she is unable to secure herself a permanent position in her district school, and her father contracts a disease that affects his eyesight. Moreover, her father takes a mortgage for the property by striking a deal with Sia Songyod, and if she can't pay back on time, her property will be occupied or she has to be the mistress of Sia Songyod. Her father's friend, who works with Terd, advises her to work with Terd by teaching Naan, Terd's son. But Terd has a drinking addiction and Naan is aggressive.