Mon Rak Asoon 1989 (Thailand)


Mon Rak Asoon 1989 (Thailand), also known as Mon Ruk A Soon is Thailand drama premiere on Jan 26, 1989 on Channel 3


Drama: Mon Rak Asoon 1989 (Thailand)
Romaji: Mon Ruk A Soon
Thai: มนต์รักอสูร
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 18
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Network: Channel 3
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Terd is a rich widow, who became an alcoholic after the death of his wife Da. He lives with his son Num, a troubled kid that has no parent guidance. When the two moved to the country to live in the farmhouse, his son Num decided that he didn’t want to go to school. Terd then hired Nampueng to home school his son. Although Nampueng didn’t like Terd, she took the job because she needs the money to pay off her parent’s debt and for his medication. Nampueng needed the money in advance so he gave it to her in one condition, that she has to live at their house, educate his son, be the housemaid, and work for one year.