Meibugyou! Tooyama no Kinshirou (Japan) 2017


Meibugyou! Tooyama no Kinshirou is Japan drama premiere on Sep 25, 2017 on TBS. Cast members: Matsuoka Masahiro...


Drama: Meibugyou! Tooyama no Kinshirou (Japan) 2017
Japanese: 名奉行!遠山の金四郎
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Sep 25, 2017
Network: TBS
Duration: 2 hr. 54 min.
Genres: Historical

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The streets of Edo are teeming with activity as the people celebrate a festival. The celebrations would have been in doubt because of an edict by Mizuno Tadakuni, a member of the shogun’s council of elders, regulating expenditure, if not for the counsel of Kitamachi magistrate Toyama Kinshiro and Minamimachi magistrate Yaguchi Suruga. This adds to the people’s joy. Kinshiro is right in the middle of the festival. Besides the Toyama family’s own retainer Tojo Hachiemon, no one knows that he is the carousing Kin-san. Not even his mother Suzu. Matagoro, the owner of Kinshiro’s regular tavern, and the pretty Otane who attracts customers to the place, are completely charmed by Kinshiro’s friendly personality. At that moment, a chivalrous thief called Nezumi Kozo appears frequently in the streets of Edo. He steals from feudal lords and wealthy merchants and gives the spoils to the poor, winning the hearts of the common people. Then one day, Kinshiro, Higuchi Izumo no Kamikageyu , an official who helps the council of elders, other officials are summoned by Mizuno and told of Yaguchi’s sudden death. Yaguchi’s successor is Torii Yozo who respects Mizuno’s wishes. That night, Kinshiro is reunited with fish wholesaler Kumejimaya Chuuemon and actor Ichimura Kikunojo and they renew their friendship. Kumejimaya who had been fond of Kinshiro and Kikunojo, now controls the Nihonbashi fish market. The next day, Kinshiro hears that Kumejimaya committed suicide with a geisha Oborozuki . It is unthinkable for the sensible Kumejimaya. Even Kumejimaya’s wife Osode says this is impossible. Kumejimaya was trusted by fishermen and fishmongers, and he had also been in charge of arranging the fish which is supplied to Edo Castle. Without Kumejimaya, fishermen and fishmongers are worried about business, and the common people also begin to be anxious about being able to buy fish at affordable prices. Meanwhile, talk about moving the fish market from Nihonbashi to Ryogokubashi suddenly comes up. After Kumejimaya’s death, Mikawaya’s presence has been growing and he seems to be working behind the scenes for the market’s move. Kinshiro hears rumours that Yaguchi was killed by Osen, a master of Tokiwazu. Kinshiro and Osen had once been in love with each other. And, it is being whispered that Nezumi Kozo was seen at the scene. Furthermore, the constable Koshiba Gennosuke also raises questions about Kumejimaya’s double suicide case and tells Kinshiro that Kumejimaya may have been murdered. Kinshiro orders Koshiba to secretly probe for inside information as Koshiba continues to search for a connection to the mastermind behind the fish market’s move.
(Source: Jdrama Weblog)