Mareudtayoo Yod Ruk 1993 (Thailand)


Mareudtayoo Yod Ruk 1993 (Thailand), also known as Deadly Love, Kid-ti-kor Majas Sneah is Thailand drama premiere on 1993 on Channel 5


Drama: Mareudtayoo Yod Ruk 1993 (Thailand)
Romaji: Deadly Love, Kid-ti-kor Majas Sneah
Thai: มฤตยูยอดรัก
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 43
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday
Network: Channel 5
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A relative of the female lead is a policeman and is currently investigating something. Having read in the newspaper the announcement of a vacancy in the office of the male lead, the girl is arranged to work for him and to collect information without causing any suspicion.
The mysterious death of the male lead's wife shaked the whole district and many people are gossiping about it. The female lead did not have time to get off at the bus stop, as the local enlightened her about the future employer.
The place of work turned out to be a paradise corner, and the work is not dusty, in the men's team. Tuned suspiciously to her uncommunicative barefoot, the girl quickly got along with his assistant. Very soon interest of the owner to the newcomer was noticed by many and between lovers there was a quarrel. This did not enrage the assistant, but the news that the girl was involved in the investigation directly concerned him.
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