Liang Jing Shi Wu Ri (China)


Liang Jing Shi Wu Ri (China), also known as 兩京十五日 is China drama


Drama: Liang Jing Shi Wu Ri (China)
Romaji: 兩京十五日
Chinese: 两京十五日
Country: China
Release Date: 2022 - ?

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

In the first year of Hongxi during the Ming Dynasty, the Crown Prince Zhu Zhan Ji’s treasure ship sank on the banks of the Qinhuai River in Nanjing, news came that the emperor was critically ill. The earth-shattering and dramatic changes across the two cities made the prince embark on a frantic journey. He must run more than 2,200 miles in 15 days from Nanjing to Beijing to save himself and save the dynasty. (Source: ~~ Adapted from the novel "Liang Jing Shi Wu Ri" (两京十五日) by Ma Bo Yong (马伯庸). Edit Translation

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