La Vida Lena 2021 (Philippines)


La Vida Lena 2021 (Philippines), also known as The Life of Lena, La Vida Lena Season 2 is Philippines drama premiere on Jun 28, 2021


Drama: La Vida Lena 2021 (Philippines)
Romaji: The Life of Lena, La Vida Lena Season 2
Native Title: La Vida Lena
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 100
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Duration: 20 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Magda, a woman who transforms into Lena as she rises above her hardships and empowers herself to the point where revenge becomes her driving force. Growing up, Magda has had to endure bullying because of a scar that covers half her face. Despite this, she has remained kind, hardworking, and incredibly sweet to her loved ones and friends. With people like her in mind, Lena creates a soap that becomes popular in Salvacion for its ability to smoothen the skin. But instead of fortune, this product will bring her loss, suffering, and cruelty in the hands of the Narcisos, the wealthiest family in the town. After Magda refuses to sell her soap formula to Royal Wellness, a company owned by the Narcisos, Magda puts up with a series of calamitous events – she is manipulated into falling in love, loses a loved one, and gets thrown into jail. Later on, Magda turns to plastic surgery to get a new face, then returns to Salvacion with the intention of using her disarming beauty to make everyone who mistreated her and her family pay. How far is Lena willing to go to get revenge? Who will make her merciless heart beat again – Jordan, her childhood best friend, Adrian, a Narciso who falls hard for her, or Miguel, who once tricked her into loving him? (Source: iWantTFC) Edit Translation

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