Kuniko Mukoda's Innocent 2012 (Japan)


Kuniko Mukoda's Innocent 2012 (Japan), also known as Mukouda Kuniko Inosento, Mukoda Kuniko's Innocent is Japan drama premiere on Mar 24, 2012 on WOWOW


Drama: Kuniko Mukoda's Innocent 2012 (Japan)
Romaji: Mukouda Kuniko Inosento, Mukoda Kuniko's Innocent
Japanese: 向田邦子 イノセント
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Saturday
Network: WOWOW
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Romance, Life

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Ep.1 Tonari no Onna (Girl Next Door) - Deals with an ordinary housewife's (Shinobu Terajima) jealousy.

Ep.2 Kingyo No Yume (Goldfish's Dream) - Depicts the happiness and sadness of a woman (Noriko Nakagoshi) who falls in love with a married man.

Ep.3 - Sankakunami (Chopping Wave) - A bride to be (Shihori Kanjiya) is shaken by another man.

Ep.4 - Ai Toiu Ji (Letter Saying Love) - A housewife (Mieko Harada), who has a college age son and husband, lives a boring life. Her marriage life becomes reinvigorated.