Koisuru Hae Onna 2012 (Japan)


Koisuru Hae Onna 2012 (Japan), also known as The Fly Woman in Love is Japan drama premiere on Nov 6, 2012 on NHK


Drama: Koisuru Hae Onna 2012 (Japan)
Romaji: The Fly Woman in Love
Japanese: 恋するハエ女
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Release Date: Tuesday
Network: NHK
Duration: 29 min.
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Komori Emi (Mimura), an elementary school teacher in Nagoya, is a dowdy woman in her 30s. She cannot say what she wants and is making no headway in her job, romance and life – looked down by her students and dumped by her fiance. Her only comfort is Twitter and SNS where she gives vent to her complaints anonymously and takes solace from the replies. One day, Emi receives a rant from a mysterious man called Yaegashi Shuji (Kakei Toshio) in response to her comments. “You are only a fly buzzing around a fan. Listen to me if you want to change your life.” With some objective in mind, he instigates Emi and gives her various “missions” that would change her life. Emi is twisted around by him but gradually transforms into a magnificent woman.