Knight of Time (China) 2018


Knight of Time (Shi kong xia) is China drama premiere on Nov 19, 2018 on Youku


Drama: Knight of Time (China) 2018
Romaji: Shi kong xia
Chinese: 时空侠
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Release Date: Nov 19, 2018 - ?
Network: Youku
Duration: 30 min.
Genres: Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The “knight of time” is a secret agent unknown to the world who protects the order of time and space. After “Agent 007” loses his life, the good-for-nothing salesperson Shangguan Nao is selected as the next knight of time “Agent 008” and immediately thrown into the tunnel of time without even receiving his special training. His task is to eliminate the terror organization “Nine-Headed Rat” who is currently threatening the Ming painter Tang Bo Hu into creating vulgar paintings and thus altering the present, turning it into a vulgar world. Shangguan Nao, however, arrives in the Warring States period by mistake. Unable to enter the tunnel again, he has to take the train of time that stops in every time period before arriving in the Ming dynasty. On his journey, Shangguan Nao makes many mistakes that alter history. When he meets the time connector Xi Zi, the two join hands as she helps him bring everything back into order again.
(Source: CdramaBase)