Kamen Teacher SP (Japan) 2014


Kamen Teacher SP is Japan drama premiere on Feb 14, 2014 on NTV. Cast members: Fujigaya Taisuke...


Drama: Kamen Teacher SP (Japan) 2014
Japanese: 仮面ティーチャーSP
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Feb 14, 2014
Runtime: Friday
Network: NTV
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.
Genres: Drama, School

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

In the not too distant future, teachers have been banned from imposing corporal punishment on students. The schools are in chaos but the situation is hopeless. Kamen Teachers are the ray of light to change this festering world of education. They are special teachers who can put down wild students with the fear of force. Araki Gota is a Kamen Teacher sent by the government, but he has stopped using his fists and tries to connect with students with his heart instead of violence out of regret for causing a student’s death at one time. Araki is assigned to a different school and made the assistant form teacher of Class 3D. Every student appears serious, listens very carefully to lessons as well as to what the teachers say. There does not seem to be a problem on first glance, but teachers and students are segregated. A boundary line surrounds the platform where teachers stand during lessons and they should not cross it. There is also no communication with students. Two years ago, teachers in this high school lost power and could not lay a hand on students. Meanwhile, fighting broke out between the students but the teachers could only look on. Then the Kamen Teachers appeared and subdued the two groups with overwhelming force. As a result, a student was expelled. Fights did not occur anymore and peace seemed to return. However, Amakawa Atsushi of Class 3D suddenly began acting violently against fellow students about one month ago. He masterminded the fighting between students two years earlier and had been on his best behavior since then. Araki is told by a Class 3D student Igawa Kosuke about the attempted suicide of fellow classmate, Hayase Akari, a month ago. Atsushi and Akari had been a happy couple but at that point, Akari fell from the rooftop. There was no way she would have committed suicide so someone most likely tried to kill her. This thought has propelled Atsushi to try to figure out who the culprit is by questioning every student closely. Then Akari who has been in a coma in hospital wakes up. However, she refuses to reveal the name of the person who pushed her off out of fear that Atsushi will seek revenge although she unwittingly blurts out that it was not a student. Atsushi gets an inkling that the culprit was a teacher. He marches into the staff room alone, forces the teachers up to the rooftop and intimidates them to get the criminal to come forward. But this does not happen. “I will kill everyone if there is no reply.” At that moment, Araki kicks open the rooftop door. He admonishes Atsushi that violence will not solve anything and Akari does not wish for revenge. Atsushi takes out his anger on Araki and strikes him. However, Araki does not move an inch and takes all of it. “It is your heart and not your fists and force that will protect what is important.” At Araki’s words, Atsushi breaks down crying.