Kabuki-Mono Keiji (Japan) 2015


Kabuki-Mono Keiji is Japan drama premiere on Apr 9, 2015 on NHK. Cast members: Nakamura Aoi, Fuji Tatsuya, Nishiuchi Mariya...


Drama: Kabuki-Mono Keiji (Japan) 2015
Japanese: かぶき者 慶次
Country: Japan
Episodes: 11
Release Date: Apr 9, 2015 - Jun 18, 2015
Runtime: Thursday
Network: NHK
Duration: 43 min.
Genres: Drama, Historical

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

At the time Tokugawa Ieyasu won the battle of Sekigahara, the Uesugis had their vast 1,200,000 koku holdings in Aizu drastically curtailed to 300,000 koku in Yonezawa, Dewa Province. Great numbers give up on the future and leave Yonezawa. In the midst of this, Maeda Keiji remains in this place and chooses to live with people facing difficulties. Over 60, he lives in a shabby, secluded hut and contemplates the “right time”. On the other hand, his son, Shinkuro, objects to Keiji being fond of drinking and absorbed in the cultural pursuits such as poetry, painting and calligraphy, and nothing like the brave general he is famed to be. However, Keiji “performs” when it comes to the crunch. Although he has considered retirement, he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect the Uesugis. Shinkuro is gradually fascinated by his broad-mindedness and his way of life.