Jump out of the Window 1950 (Japan)


Jump out of the Window 1950 (Japan), also known as Fly out of the Window, Mado Kara tobidase is Japan drama premiere on Mar 26, 1950


Drama: Jump out of the Window 1950 (Japan)
Romaji: Fly out of the Window, Mado Kara tobidase
Japanese: ηͺ“から飛び出せ
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Mar 26, 1950
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff Β©

In the Tokuyama family, it is a large family whose grandfather Ryotaro, his brother, Shusuke Wakana, his wife Fujiko, young brother Yuji, then four children. In the Tokuyama family, they performed a small amount of farming and lived with feeding a lot of livestock. However, at the Fujieda family next door, my father was a captain, but fought with a ship and was eating up with his mother Chieko and her daughter Mariko and his brother Michio living in a triple. Besides, my mother Chieko went over to the teaching professor, and the money that contributed to him was also great. My daughter Makiko was watching this, but when I saw his brother Michio losing his legs by accident and now he was lying on a crutch, I could not condemn my mother's feelings from the front. Anyway, I went through superstition and finally developed to the neighborhood and diplomacy. But at the neighbor 's Tokuyama family I was fine, I was living in a family, enjoyable time. Yuji encouraged Makiko and worked hard together to bring Mutsu's legs back to normal as soon as possible. However, my mother Chieko says that according to the teacher 's statement, I sold the model ship of Mrs. Michio who cherished her because she made the young brother' s project funds. From then on, Michio felt strangely meaningful and was mischievous. Yuji, who knew this, decided to make the same model ship, and Michio and Michio were involved in the production. The character of Mrs. Michio got better as I changed. Mariko thought wondering, I was deeply moved to know this. And at the same time, I decided to promote my mother 's way, to sell my piano and to cultivate "rabbits" based on that fund. However, my mother was still keen on lighting teacher and did not listen to what my daughter said, but he came to criticize Yuji rather than she saw the appearance surrounding the model ship of Michio and Yuji. On top of that, he did not walk with so much pleasure that the model ship was completed but walked spectacularly without a cane. Eventually, the model ship surrounded by the people of both families raised a launch ceremony quietly.
(Source: Google translated from Movie Walker)