Jao Chai Hua Jai Gern Roy 2002 (Thailand)


Jao Chai Hua Jai Gern Roy 2002 (Thailand) is Thailand drama premiere on Jul 20, 2002 on Channel 7


Drama: Jao Chai Hua Jai Gern Roy 2002 (Thailand)
Thai: เจ้าชายหัวใจเกินร้อย
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 15
Release Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network: Channel 7
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
Genres: Drama, Action, Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Wakim is a prince and his parents want him to marry a nice princess. Wakim thinks that he should marry for love and not for titles. However, his parents bring over a couple of princesses to show him including one from China and Korea. Wakim isn't interested in either of them and decides that he needs to go out and find his own princess. Together with his servant Ah Thu, he sneaks out of the palace and goes to Thailand. Later, they run into Moddaeng when they go to her store the '7 Elephant'. They try to get some drinks, but she mistakes them for burglars. Wakim and Ah Thu end up living in the slums that Moddaeng is living in, while trying to find ways to meet the princess Wakim is waiting for.