Horrorscope 2021 (Philippines)


Horrorscope 2021 (Philippines) is Philippines drama premiere on Jan 13, 2021


Drama: Horrorscope 2021 (Philippines)
Native Title: Horrorscope
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Wednesday
Duration: 27 min.
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Horror

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

{Virgo} A rookie female cop, who is brought by his superiors to a safe house to execute a drug suspect, must decide whether to go dirty and move up the ranks or keep clean and die. {Libra} During an exorcism, an altar boy must decide whether or not to help a priest kill a pregnant woman who is believed to give birth to the Antichrist. {Leo} A controlling fashion designer seeks the help of a strange female necromancer to revive his dead boyfriend. {Scorpio} An aging photographer hits the jackpot when he gets ahold of the key to the fulfilment of his worldly desires. (Source: iWTFC) Edit Translation

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