HIStory: Obsessed (Taiwan) 2017


HIStory: Obsessed (Zhe Mo) is Taiwan drama premiere on Feb 28, 2017 on CHOCO TV. Cast members: He Bernard, Teddy Ren...


Drama: HIStory: Obsessed (Taiwan) 2017
Romaji: Zhe Mo
Taiwanese: HIStory - 著魔
Writer: Lin Pei Yu
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Feb 28, 2017 - Mar 3, 2017
Runtime: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: CHOCO TV
Duration: 20 min.
Genres: Romance

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Another part of the HIStory webseries follows the story of Shao Yi Chen, a man who dies in an accident involving his boyfriend, Jiang Jing Teng. Shao Yi Chen is reborn and sent back 9 years. To save his future self he avoids Jiang Jing Teng and avoids his feelings for him. Problem is Shao Yi Chen has loved Jiang Jiang Teng for a long time and has written about him in his diary. While destroying the diary, Jiang Jing Teng discovers a few pages. Causing Jiang Jing Teng to become curious about Shao Yi Chen. Will he resist the love of the handsome man Jiang Jing Teng and save his future self, or will he fall for the same man twice and risk his life?