Harmony 2010 (South Korea)


Harmony 2010 (South Korea), also known as Hamoni is South Korea drama premiere on Jan 28, 2010


Drama: Harmony 2010 (South Korea)
Romaji: Hamoni
South Korean: 하모니
Director: Kang Dae Gyu
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Jan 28, 2010
Duration: 1 hr. 55 min.
Genres: Drama, Family, Music

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Moon Ok was a musical professor at a university but is now on death row for committing a crime caused by the abuse of her husband and mother-in-law. In prison, she meets a young lady named Jung Hye who killed her husband because of physical abuse. At the time of her arrest, Jung Hye was pregnant and the baby was eventually born in prison. Now, 18 months later, Jung Hye's baby must be given up for adoption. To spend one day with her baby outside of prison, Jung Hye forms a prison choir group. Moon Ok becomes the conductor of this choir.