Hamon (Japan) 2015


Hamon is Japan drama premiere on Jan 9, 2015. Cast members: Kitamura Kazuki, Hamada Gaku...


Drama: Hamon (Japan) 2015
Japanese: 破門
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Release Date: Jan 9, 2015 - Mar 6, 2015
Runtime: Friday
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Kitamura Kazuki and Hamada Gaku will be co-leads in the upcoming BS Sky Perfect! drama series “Hamon” which will be shown from 9 January at 9pm on Fridays. The drama which is based on the 51st Naoki Award winning novel by Kurokawa Hiroyuki, features Kitamura as a smart and well-built gangster who works together with a consultant at a construction company (Hamada) to expose the evil deeds of bad people in Osaka. As the story will not be a replica of the novel, Kurokawa expressed great anticipation in that the drama will be very interesting since it is produced by Sky Perfect and will have a larger degree of freedom.

~~ Adapted from the 2014 novel "Hamon (Yakubyō-gami Series)" by Kurokawa Hiroyuki.