Haikei, Minpaku-sama (Japan) 2016


Haikei, Minpaku-sama is Japan drama premiere on Oct 25, 2016 on TBS. Cast members: Arai Hirofumi, Kuroki Meisa...


Drama: Haikei, Minpaku-sama (Japan) 2016
Japanese: 拝啓、民泊様。
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Release Date: Oct 25, 2016 - Nov 29, 2016
Runtime: Tuesday
Network: TBS
Duration: 24 min.
Genres: Business

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

One day, Yamashita Kanta is laid off by his employer, a game company. His wife Saori, who works for the Labour Standards Supervision Office, gets scary when angry, so he keeps quiet and starts a B&B business which is the trend now. At first, the B&B is faced with successive problems. Then the fact that Kanta was laid off is discovered at the worst possible timing and he has to deal with the possibility of divorce. Will the business perform well?