Gui Fu Bing Tuan (China)


Gui Fu Bing Tuan (China) is China drama


Drama: Gui Fu Bing Tuan (China)
Chinese: 鬼服兵团
Country: China
Release Date: 2022 - ?

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The Jinghua Shuiyue server of Huaxia Games, just like its name, is ethereal and empty, deserted and uninhabited... well, commonly known as Ghost Clothes. The old players left one after another, and the new players no longer settled in, so the few Jinghua Shuiyue players gathered together silently, leveling, lowering, fighting monsters, bragging... Every player who fell in love in the Ghost Clothes and refused to leave was a broken-wing angel. Later, the angels formed a guild-the Ghost Clothes army. Later, the Ghost Clothes and the God Clothes merged... (Source: Baidu) ~~ Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yan Liang Yu. Edit Translation

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