Good News 1999 (Japan)


Good News 1999 (Japan) is Japan drama premiere on Apr 11, 1999 on TBS


Drama: Good News 1999 (Japan)
Japanese: グッドニγƒ₯γƒΌγ‚Ή
Director: Kaneko Fuminori
Country: Japan
Episodes: 12
Release Date: Apr 11, 1999 - Jun 27, 1999
Network: TBS
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff Β©

Kurosawa, who works for a film production company, meets Akiko, a divorcee and single mother, who works at a publishing house. Through the efforts of Akiko's son, Naoya, they fall in love and decide to get married. The good news continues with Kurosawa becoming an assistant producer, and Akiko's parents offering to make the down-payment for their apartment. However, things start to go wrong when the ever-generous and sometimes naive Kurosawa helps a respected friend by co-signing on his financial obligation. A warm and occasionally wacky comedy for the whole family.
(Source: TBS)


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