Go Back to the Past and Say I Love You (China)


Go Back to the Past and Say I Love You (China), also known as Hui Dao Cong Jian Shuo Ai Ni is China drama


Drama: Go Back to the Past and Say I Love You (China)
Romaji: Hui Dao Cong Jian Shuo Ai Ni
Chinese: 回到从前说爱你
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Release Date: 2022 - ?
Genres: Romance, Youth, School

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Su Nuan Nuan a first year in high school, is lively and cheerful, has a big nerve, and loves fantasy. Nuan Nuan's parents are divorced. Although she lives with her mother, she has to endure Nuan Nuan's mother's nagging and complaining. Nuan Nuan's greatest wish is to "grow up right away" so that she can have what she calls "freedom." Like most girls in the school, Nuan Nuan had a good impression of the school hunk Song Yuan. But when Song Yuan took the initiative to contact him, Nuan Nuan began to instinctively retreat. Nuan Nuan is "natural enemies" with Qu Yang, a boy in the same class. She doesn't understand why Qu Yang, who is always in love, always appears by her side. An antique alarm clock helped Nuan Nuan fulfill her wish and bring her to 2021 through time and space. For Nuan Nuan, who came from 2012, the death of her father, the mysterious suicide of her girlfriends, and even her own emotional life have all become mysterious events one after another. She must use her wisdom and courage to change her family and the tragedy of a friend. But also to fight for true love for myself. (Source: DramaWiki) Edit Translation

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