Gintama: Mitsuba hen (Japan) 2017


Gintama: Mitsuba hen (Gin Tama, Silver Soul ,) is Japan drama premiere on Jul 15, 2017 on dTV. Cast members: Oguri Shun, Yagira Yuuya, Yoshizawa Ryo, Kitano Kie...


Drama: Gintama: Mitsuba hen (Japan) 2017
Romaji: Gin Tama, Silver Soul ,
Japanese: 銀魂-ミツバ篇-
Country: Japan
Episodes: 3
Release Date: Jul 15, 2017
Runtime: Saturday
Network: dTV
Duration: 20 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Okita’s older sister, Mitsuba, visits the quarters of the Shinsengumi to announce her marriage to the trader Kuraba Toma. The two siblings spend time together. Mitsuba worries that her brother has no friends and in order to assure her, he introduces Sakata Gintoki, who happened to pass by, as his best friend. Meanwhile, there are reports of strange boats going in and out of Edo. Hijikata Toshiro investigates this and it turns out that the incident has an unexpected link to Mitsuba.