Get Married (China) 2015


Get Married (Shang Cuo Hua Qiao Zhi San Jia Qi Yuan ,) is China drama premiere on Jul 17, 2015. Cast members: He Ming Han, Tina Tang, Xin Zhi Qiu, Yoki Sun...


Drama: Get Married (China) 2015
Romaji: Shang Cuo Hua Qiao Zhi San Jia Qi Yuan ,
Chinese: 上错花轿之三嫁奇缘
Country: China
Episodes: 35
Release Date: Jul 17, 2015 - ?
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Yang Yun You was sold to Bi family at an early age. From then on, she learned to read, write, and paint. As a young lady, she admired the great Dong Qi Chang, who was talented in art and literature. During a matchmaking event, they met each other and began a push-pull relationship. Lin Tian Su, Yun You's friend, is a passionate woman who is well versed in literature as well as martial arts. After saving Dong Qi Chang and Chen Ji Ru, she linked Yun You and Qi Chang's red line of fate as well as linking her own with Ji Ru. Many obstacles block their paths of being together and "Get Married" tells a story of how they all try to overcome these hardships together.