Garasu no Ie (Japan) 2013


Garasu no Ie (Glass House, Glass no Kazoku, Glass no le, Renzoku ,) is Japan drama premiere on Sep 3, 2013 on NHK. Cast members: Saito Takumi, Igawa Haruka, Fujimoto Takahiro...


Drama: Garasu no Ie (Japan) 2013
Romaji: Glass House, Glass no Kazoku, Glass no le, Renzoku ,
Japanese: ガラスの家
Director: Watanabe Kazuki
Country: Japan
Episodes: 9
Release Date: Sep 3, 2013 - Oct 29, 2013
Runtime: Tuesday
Network: NHK
Duration: 48 min.
Genres: Romance

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

When Rei Tamaki (Haruka Igawa) was a child, her parents died in an airplane accident in France. She grew up in a difficult environment and money was always hard to come by.
Now in her 30's, Rei visits the accident site where her parents died. There, she meets Kazunari Shibusawa (Takahiro Fujimoto) who lost his wife in the same accident. Kazunari is the budget director for the Ministry of Finance.
Rei falls in love with Kazunari and marries him.
Kazunari has two sons who are now adults. His first son Hitoshi (Takumi Saito) follows in his father's path. Hitoshi works in the Ministry of Finance. His second son Kenji (Kento Nagayama) graduated from law school and is now preparing for the bar exam.
Because of Rei, who tries to get close to Hitoshi and Kenji, and her beautiful appearance, the Shibusawa family begins have friction.
Hitoshi is attracted to Rei. Rei begins to realize that what she wants from Kazunari is not love, but her late father's shadow. [from AsianWiki]